Use the links below to download entry forms, rules, tax forms and more...
DownloadWorld 100 EntryOfficial Entry Form for the 45th Annual World 100 (Sept 10-11-12)
DownloadCompetitor LicenseAn Eldora Competitor License is required prior to competing on-track.
DownloadW-9 FormEvery racer must fill out a W-9 form prior to competing.
DownloadStock Car RulesThis document covers Eldora Stock Car rules (updated 2/26/15)
DownloadStock Car Tire BulletinThis document covers information regarding acceptable tires for the Eldora Stock Car division (updated 2/26/15)
DownloadRace ProceduresEldora Speedway race procedures (updated 2015)
DownloadMinor ReleaseThis Minor Release and Waiver of Liability form must be notarized if it is not filled out in the presence of an Eldora official.

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