Updated 3/1/24

Tickets, camping and suites to all 2024 events are now on sale.



Ticketing Notes: Our credit card processor experienced technical issues Friday morning that resulted in several patrons receiving declined messages when trying to complete an order. The processor applied a fix to their system around 10:45 AM. While that rectified the root issue, many of the affected patrons that had the original tickets still in their shopping cart continued to have issues. A local caching issue on the patron’s device and/or network affected the ability for the patron’s browser to see the updated CC fix that was applied. While there was no single quick-fix for all users, ultimately it was some combination of restarting browser, clearing cache, selecting a different network and/or using cellular vs wifi that allowed the order to process.

There is an immense amount of preparation that goes into a ticket sale to make it as efficient and smooth as possible for everyone involved. It is unbelievably frustrating when issues arise out of the scope of our own personal control. We apologize for any inconveniences Friday’s on-sale may have caused as we know how valuable each and everyone’s time is on a Friday morning. We’re thankful for those that stuck with it and secured tickets. Should anyone still be experiencing issues, we would urge you to call our box office and speak with a ticket agent. They can process a phone order as well as help troubleshoot the patron ticket account. Box office agents are standing by Monday-Friday from 9AM to 5PM at (937) 338-3815