Rules, regulations and other forms applicable to the Stock Car division at Eldora are posted below. Any updates or new documents will be reflected here throughout the season. Please monitor.

REMINDER – The Driver/Owner membership form can be found and completed…

RACE PROCEDURES: Eldora Speedway race procedures (4/11/22)Download
STOCK CAR RULES:This document covers Eldora Stock Car rules (updated 5/4/22)Download
ELDORA RULES: Safety, technical and tire rules specific to Eldora for ALL divisions (updated 3/1/19)Download
STOCK CAR RULES BULLETIN: Issued April 25, 2018Download
MINORS: This Minor Release and Waiver of Liability form must be notarized if it is not filled out in the presence of an Eldora official.Download
MINOR VEST: The Minor Vest Program Application is for participant family member minors under 14 only. Download
SUBSTANCE ABUSE: Full World Racing Group substance abuse policy, which will also be in effect at all 2017 Eldora Speedway events.Download
SUBSTANCE ABUSE: World Racing Group release regarding new 2017 substance abuse policy.Download
SUBSTANCE ABUSE: Frequently Asked Questions regarding the 2017 substance abuse policy.Download