Booster Wall

Located Outside of Turn Four by the Flag

The first set of Eldora Speedway Booster Wall tiles were unveiled in the fall of 2012.

From its humble beginning as a .25 mile backyard clay oval in 1954, to today’s status as a nationally known .500-mile clay race destination, Eldora Speedway has become the home to many memories and has touched the lives of many people throughout its fabled history.

In an opportunity to commemorate this support shown by the fans and racers, and to perpetuate the memory of friends and loved ones, Eldora officials have announced the construction of an Eldora Booster Wall.

The Eldora Booster Wall is located in a high-traffic, high-visibility area at the north end of the covered main grandstands and contains permanently engraved tiles of two available sizes.

Available tile sizes are 4” x 8” with up to three lines of engraving or 8” x 8” with up to six lines of engraving.  Each line can hold up to 20 characters including spacing and punctuation.  Pricing for the engraved tiles is $125 for the 4” x 8” tile or $200 for the 8” x 8” tile.

Booster tiles are added to the wall three times during the year – and are usually centered around the traditional major event dates (Dirt Late Model in June, Kings Royal in July, and World 100 in September).

Orders must be received and paid for at least 8 weeks prior to each event.

Supply chain issues may affect/delay the time at which the booster tiles are placed on the booster wall.

Order blanks and complete information can be obtained by downloading the following form: CLICK HERE