World 100 Saturday Info

Prelim Recaps


Information surrounding Saturday’s 46th Annual World 100 finale can be found on the following page, including points totals and heat race lineups. Click the extra links for in-depth preliminary night coverage.

Point Standings


Drivers accumulated points each time they were on the track Thursday and Friday. Those points, coupled with the invert spun on the wheel, determined the Saturday evening heat race lineup. A link to heat lineups can be found under the points table below.

Saturday Heats


Don O’Neal spun a ‘5’ on the Wheel of Misfortune, meaning the top five cars in each Saturday heat race will be inverted. Unofficially, the six heat race lineups are posted below.

71C RJ Conley – 28 Dennis Erb Jr.
7W Ricky Weiss – 44M Chris Madden
5 Don O’Neal – 51 Joey Moriarty
22 Chris Ferguson – 7R Kent Robinson
39T Rob Toland – 18x Michael Page
15J Scott James – 48L Tim Lance
93b Donald Bradsher – 4x Kevin Reeve
77B Adam Bowman – 3K Tanner Kellick
5* Bryant Dickinson – 17 Lamar Haygood


D8 Dustin Linville – 1H Jason Hiett
71H Hudson O’Neal – 39 Tim McCreadie
1 Josh Richards – 15H Jon Henry
0 Jake O’Neil – 212 Josh Putnam
11 Josh Rice – 2c Joey Coulter
71 Delmas Conley – 8V Craig Vosbergen
91s Rusty Schlenk – 99M Devin Moran
6w Mark Whitener – 79 Shane Unger
4B Jackie Boggs – 9G Larry Greer


17D Zack Dohm – 21JR Billy Moyer Jr.
18 Shannon Babb – C9 Steve Casebolt
25C Shane Clanton – 40B Kyle Bronson
50 Shanon Buckingham – R1 Riley Hickman
31 Nick Latham – 21H Robby Hensley
10 Alex Ferree – 11G Gordy Gundaker
9R Curtis Roberts – 8 Rob Anderzack
TK0 Tom Krankel – 3G Brian Gray
15L Darrell Lanigan – 1JH Jared Hawkins


101 Casey Roberts – 91 Tyler Erb
99JR Frank Heckenast Jr. – 21 Billy Moyer
3 Matt Miller – 14M Morgan Bagley
88 Andrew Reaume – 1V Vic Hill
4BG Bob Gardner – 1G Devin Gilpin
1N Casey Noonan – 16 Jason Jameson
4G Kody Evans – 14z Zachary McMillan
89 Mike Spatola – P3 Jeff Robertson
6s Blake Spencer – 95J Jerry Bowersock


20C Duane Chamberlain – 6m Wendell Wallace
11A Austin Smith – 32 Chris Simpson
28M Jimmy Mars – 14 Steve Francis
55 Jeep VanWormer – 1m Mike Mataragas
c8 Bob Gardner – 25 Jason Feger
240 Doug Drown – 77 Gavin Landers
32P Bobby Pierce – 33 Jesse James Lay
69 Jonny Huck – 34 Chase Porter
281 Kyle Pierce – 8JR Samuel Tolley


72 Mike Norris – 17M Dale McDowell
4 Cody Mahoney – 6 Jonathan Davenport
1P Earl Pearson Jr. – 49 Brian Ruhlman
5N Dustin Nobbe – 28C Tyler Carpenter
F5 Garrett Alberson – 77A Dylan Ames
2NH Joey Coulter – 1GK Ryan King
25Z Mason Zeigler – 93 Jay Johnson
23w Brad Wade – 25S Chad Simpson
12 Devin Friese – 31AUS Paul Stubber


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