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Giant Crowd Witnesses Fast-Paced Action On Casey’s General Store’s Night

ROSSBURG, Ohio (August 12, 2017) – Jonathan Taylor held off a late race charge and Earnie Woodard dominated as each visited victory lane Saturday night at Eldora Speedway’s Casey’s General Store’s FIREWORKS Night.

Taylor of Saltsburg, Pennsylvania, was locked in a battle for the lead with his brother, Evan in the closing laps of the 20-lap DIRTcar UMP Modified Feature. As the brothers were coming to the white flag in heavy lapped traffic, third-place Dylan Woodling swung around the outside of Evan in turn four and into the runner-up spot and then immediately closed on Jonathan Taylor for the lead.

Woodling, pulled even with Jonathan Taylor racing down the backstretch and took a shot at the lead in turns three and four. Woodling attempted to dive below Jonathan Taylor and the duo nearly made contact in the middle of the turns but Taylor held on for his fifth career win at the high-banked, one-half mile clay oval.

“It sure helps to start up front but I had to work for that one,” Jonathan Taylor said. “It was tricky with the lapped cars there but they all kept their line and we were able to get by them. Evan showed me his nose a couple times so I knew he was right there. Good to see Evan in third and congrats to Dylan. We are happy to be here.”

Jerry Bowersock finished in fourth-place while Woodard, who was pulling double duty, completed the top five. Coldwater’s Ryan Sutter, Joel Dick, Brian Gray, Mike Learman and Josh Morton completed the top ten.

Tim Richardson, Jonathan Taylor and first-time Eldora modified competitor Jordan Conover won the heat races.

“This is a great place to race,” Jonathan Taylor said. “Thank you fans we could not do this without you, and a special thanks to Eldora for having us and thanks to Tony and his entire crew here. We couldn’t do it without everybody.”

The Stock Car main event paid $1,000 to-win and Woodard, of Georgetown, Kentucky wasted little time charging to the front from the eighth position. Rob Trent led the opening lap before slowing down the backstretch on lap two and jamming up the top five, forcing cars to scramble to get by. Woodard threaded his way through the melee and into second-place.

The caution flag flew the following lap when Casey Barr crashed in turn four. One lap after the ensuing restart, Woodard dove under leader Donnie Jeschke in turn four and, after briefly making contact, Woodard completed the pass and took over the race lead.

From there he was not challenged and pulled away to his second win of the season.

“The car was really hooked up tonight,” Woodard said. “I wasn’t real good up on the cushion but the track really came in for me on the bottom.”

Paul Pardo finished in the second position while Jeschke, Jeremy Creech and Gary Rahe, Jr., who was bidding for his third-consecutive win, completed the top five. Frank Paladino, Ed Hounshell, Anthony Goode, T.J. Smith and Andy Welch picked up top ten finishes.

“I looked up at the scoreboard and seen Paul was in second so I knew I had to get up on the wheel,” Woodard said.

“What a great crowd!! We have had a lot of Family Fun Nights but this looks like the biggest one yet, so thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting Eldora,” Woodard said. “Thanks to everyone here at Eldora for putting up the extra money tonight.”

The next action at Eldora will be on Sunday, September 3rd when the track honors the speedway’s founders Earl and Berneice Baltes with the running of the Baltes Classic. The tripleheader event features the Sunoco American Late Model Series racing for $3,000-to-win as in their final warmup for the next weekend’s World 100, the DIRTcar UMP Modifieds in their final warmup before October’s UMP Fall Nationals and the Eldora Stock Cars in their next to last points race of the season.

Race Results

Event Box Score

Family Fireworks Night by Casey’s General Store

Eldora Stock Cars 

1.410-Paul Pardo, 19.487; 2.01-Earnie Woodard, 19.950; 3.91-Ed Hounshell, 20.166; 4.17C-Jeremy Creech, 20.501; 5.99J-Donnie Jeschke, 20.663; 6.5W-Craig Swartz, 20.702; 7.99-Andy King, 20.844; 8.95-Gary Rahe Jr, 20.921; 9.23-Casey Barr, 20.978; 10.J2-Rob Trent, 20.981; 11.17H-Red Harvey Jr., 20.985; 12.5G-Anthony Goode, 21.070; 13.463-Daniel Sanchez, 21.116; 14.55-Brandon Archey, 21.174; 15.27-Frank Paladino, 21.226; 16.11-T.J Smith, 21.331; 17.15-Drew Trick, 21.351; 18.87-Andy Welch, 21.767; 19.33-Erik Skaggs, 21.982; 20.1W-Mark Wooten, 22.292; 21.47-John Leach, 22.980; 22.7R-Walter Ruby, 23.060;

Heat 1 – (8 Laps)
1. 410-Paul Pardo[6] ; 2. J2-Rob Trent[3] ; 3. 17C-Jeremy Creech[5] ; 4. 11-T.J Smith[1] ; 5. 99-Andy King[4] ; 6. 33-Erik Skaggs[7] ; 7. 7R-Walter Ruby[8] ; 8. 463-Daniel Sanchez[2]

Heat 2 – (8 Laps)
1. 01-Earnie Woodard[6] ; 2. 55-Brandon Archey[2] ; 3. 99J-Donnie Jeschke[5] ; 4. 95-Gary Rahe Jr[4] ; 5. 17H-Red Harvey Jr.[3] ; 6. 1W-Mark Wooten[7] ; 7. 15-Drew Trick[1]

Heat 3 – (8 Laps)
1. 27-Frank Paladino[2] ; 2. 87-Andy Welch[1] ; 3. 5W-Craig Swartz[5] ; 4. 5G-Anthony Goode[3] ; 5. 23-Casey Barr[4] ; 6. 91-Ed Hounshell[6] ; 7. 47-John Leach[7]

A-Main  – (15 Laps)
1. 01-Earnie Woodard[8] ; 2. 410-Paul Pardo[9] ; 3. 99J-Donnie Jeschke[6] ; 4. 17C-Jeremy Creech[7] ; 5. 95-Gary Rahe Jr[11] ; 6. 27-Frank Paladino[2] ; 7. 91-Ed Hounshell[18] ; 8. 5G-Anthony Goode[14] ; 9. 11-T.J Smith[15] ; 10. 87-Andy Welch[1] ; 11. 99-Andy King[10] ; 12. 47-John Leach[21] ; 13. 55-Brandon Archey[3] ; 14. 17H-Red Harvey Jr.[13] ; 15. 7R-Walter Ruby[19] ; 16. 1W-Mark Wooten[17] ; 17. 33-Erik Skaggs[16] ; 18. 5W-Craig Swartz[5] ; 19. J2-Rob Trent[4] ; 20. 23-Casey Barr[12] ; 21. 15-Drew Trick[20]


DIRTcar UMP Modifieds 

1.09D-Joel Dick, 17.775; 2.3W-Dylan Woodling, 17.821; 3.95J-Jerry Bowersock, 17.842; 4.36-Brandon Vaughan, 17.843; 5.3G-Brian Gray, 17.857; 6.11H-Mike Hohlbein, 17.867; 7.01-Earnie Woodard, 17.911; 8.4L-Mike Learman, 17.957; 9.13-Andy Galgoci, 17.965; 10.7-Evan Taylor, 18.032; 11.38-Aaron Branham, 18.064; 12.18-Ryan Sutter, 18.126; 13.5X-Tim Richardson, 18.149; 14.33-Jordan Conover, 18.166; 15.5-Jonathan Taylor, 18.208; 16.1J-Josh Morton, 18.672; 17.6J-Jay Humphrey, 18.750; 18.25-Nick Bowers, 18.839; 19.31-Jeffrey Surber, 18.859; 20.AK47-Alan Ketcham, 19.000; 21.67-Warren Shingleton, 19.194; 22.36S-Adam Schaeff, 19.330; 23.1W-Scott Williams, 99.999;

Heat 1 – (8 Laps)
1. 5X-Tim Richardson[2] ; 2. 7-Evan Taylor[3] ; 3. 09D-Joel Dick[6] ; 4. 36-Brandon Vaughan[5] ; 5. 1J-Josh Morton[1] ; 6. 01-Earnie Woodard[4] ; 7. 31-Jeffrey Surber[7] ; 8. 36S-Adam Schaeff[8]

Heat 2 – (8 Laps)
1. 33-Jordan Conover[2] ; 2. 4L-Mike Learman[4] ; 3. 3W-Dylan Woodling[6] ; 4. 3G-Brian Gray[5] ; 5. 1W-Scott Williams[8] ; 6. 6J-Jay Humphrey[1] ; 7. AK47-Alan Ketcham[7]

Heat 3 – (8 Laps)
1. 5-Jonathan Taylor[2] ; 2. 95J-Jerry Bowersock[6] ; 3. 18-Ryan Sutter[3] ; 4. 13-Andy Galgoci[4] ; 5. 25-Nick Bowers[1] ; 6. 67-Warren Shingleton[7]

A-Main – (20 Laps)
1. 5-Jonathan Taylor[1] ; 2. 3W-Dylan Woodling[8] ; 3. 7-Evan Taylor[5] ; 4. 95J-Jerry Bowersock[7] ; 5. 01-Earnie Woodard[16] ; 6. 18-Ryan Sutter[4] ; 7. 09D-Joel Dick[9] ; 8. 3G-Brian Gray[11] ; 9. 4L-Mike Learman[6] ; 10. 1J-Josh Morton[13] ; 11. 5X-Tim Richardson[3] ; 12. 25-Nick Bowers[14] ; 13. 13-Andy Galgoci[12] ; 14. 6J-Jay Humphrey[17] ; 15. AK47-Alan Ketcham[20] ; 16. 36-Brandon Vaughan[10] ; 17. 67-Warren Shingleton[18] ; 18. 31-Jeffrey Surber[19] ; 19. 36S-Adam Schaeff[22] ; 20. 33-Jordan Conover[2] ; 21. 1W-Scott Williams[15] ; 22. 11H-Mike Hohlbein[21]


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