Doubleheader on Saturday


Hot Laps for the Kings Royal are now underway. Pending any additional stoppages or delays, this will be the final update to this page today.

The second round of rains hit the Speedway following the Non-Qualifier event on Friday night. The remainder of the #KnightBefore program will be completed on Saturday. The schedule will be as follows:

9:00 AM – Tickets, Pit Passes & Upgrades on-sale
9:00 AM – Stands cleared and secured.
9:00 AM – Pit Gate Opens
10:00 AM – Spectator Gates Open
10:00 AM – Pit Pass Upgrade Station Opens (for 2-day or single day upgrades)
10:00 AM – Concessions Open (no breakfast)
10:30 AM – Engine Heat
11:00 AM (or as soon as track is ready) – Resumption of Friday program
— Hot Laps
— 4 Heats
— C Main
— Dash
— Last Chance Showdown

Valid tickets for entry to the afternoon show include Friday Ticket, Friday Pit Pass, 2-Day Pit Pass, 3-Day Pit Pass, 4-Day Pit Pass.

Grandstands and Spectator Areas will be cleared immediately following #KnightBefore Victory Lane for re-entry. To expedite the turn-around time, patrons are requested to drop off trash in receptacles on their way out. The infield will be cleared of Friday single day pit passes.

Once grandstands are cleared and cleaned, we will re-open for the Saturday night Kings Royal program. With cooperation of spectators, this clear and re-open process can be done in as little as one hour.

Tickets valid for Saturday night include Saturday tickets, Saturday Pit Passes, 2-Day Pit Pass, 3-Day Pit Pass, 4-Day Pit Pass.

The National Sprint Car Hall of Fame will be postponing their auction to a later date. It will no longer happen on Saturday afternoon.
We will attempt to host the autograph session in between shows once everyone gets back inside the gates and while the track crew is reworking the track. This is tentative and timing will be communicated tomorrow as we proceed through the day.

Due to potential weather late Saturday night, we will begin the Kings Royal program once the track crew if finished reworking the surface. We will communicate a time frame on the rework once he have a better feel on conditions following the first show. Please be aware though, even with a couple hour rework, our Kings Royal program start time could very likely be earlier than the originally scheduled 6:30 Hot Lap time. To reiterate, if the track is ready earlier, we will move into the program at that time.

Regular updates on Saturday night start time will be provided as we continue through the day.