Media Credentials

Guidelines for Requesting Event Credentials



The newly constructed Infield Media Center
The newly constructed Infield Building, which sits in the middle of the infield pit area and houses the Media Center, was completed in 2015.

Thank you for your interest in media credentials at Eldora Speedway. As we enter our 71st season, we appreciate your interest in providing professional coverage of our events.

Coverage of Eldora Speedway events and activities by accredited media is welcomed and encouraged. We kindly ask that all requests be submitted no later than ONE WEEK prior to the first day of an event. Please do not submit more than one request per media outlet for any one event.  There is a designated area to list all individuals who will require credentialed access.

Photographers and videographers are required to wear Eldora-issued vests at all times. These are available at the credential window outside of Turn 3 when signing in.

“Go-Pros” or any similar type of on-board cameras are not permitted and may not be attached to any fence outside or inside of the racetrack or on any moving vehicle without permission from Jerry Gappens, General Manager of Eldora Speedway. This request must be made one week prior to the event, and we will make contact to discuss.  Please note that OEM plastic mounts are not permitted by Eldora’s insurance regulations.

Drones are not permitted in the airspace above Eldora Speedway other than those pre-approved for the live broadcast. The facility is a designated 24/7 landing zone for Premier Health CareFlight Air.

Media members granted credentials will be required to upload copies of their work via a special Dropbox Request portal following the conclusion of the event. This upload process is free of charge for the end user and the easiest and quickest way to submit photo and video work . It can all be done within an internet browser window, and a Dropbox account is not required. An email containing a specific upload link will go out to media members leading up to each event.

The Infield Media Center is open for each event on the schedule. It contains password-protected wifi, high-def television, scoring monitors, and a press conference area.

A confirmation email stating the approval of your media credential request, along with important event info, will be sent roughly one week prior to each event.

Thank you for your continued support of Eldora Speedway and the sport of short track racing!



Thank you for your interest in 2024 media credentials. Access to the credential request form is below.
For credential related questions, please email



Photo by Cameron Neveu – 2023