On this day in Eldora History

A Visual Look At Eldora On This Day

Enjoy a look back in time as we review Eldora events that have occurred ‘on this day’ in history…and check back daily for the new post! (Tip: After clicking an image to view, use your back button to return to the timeline.)

  • Christopher Bell

    Christopher Bell

    2016: Christopher Bell wins the 360 Sprint Feature.

  • Greg Johnson

    Greg Johnson

    2000: Greg Johnson wins the Late Model Feature.

  • Dale Blaney

    Dale Blaney

    2007: Dale Blaney snatches the 360 Sprint Feature win. Also placing first in their respected divisions were Casey Noonan (Late Model) and Mike Dirksen (Stock Car).

  • J.J. Yeley

    J.J. Yeley

    2002: J.J. Yeley captures the USAC Sprint Feature win.

  • Richards, Babcock & Sebetto

    Richards, Babcock & Sebetto

    2008: Josh Richards wins the Late Model Feature, Jeff Babcock finishes first in the Stock Car Feature, and Bryan Sebetto takes first place in the NRA Sprint Feature.

  • Darrell Lanigan

    Darrell Lanigan

    1998: Darrell Lanigan pilots his way to a Late Model Feature win. Mike Brecht wins the Modified Feature.

  • Kings Royal To Pay $175K-To-Win

    Kings Royal To Pay $175K-To-Win

    2019: After months of speculation, Eldora officials announce the 36th annual Kings Royal will pay a blockbuster $175,000-to-win.

  • Brad Doty

    Brad Doty

    1983: Brad Doty snatches the World of Outlaws Sprint Feature win.

  • Woodard, Conover, & Loney

    Woodard, Conover, & Loney

    2016: Earnie Woodard & Jordan Conover each win their Stock Car Feature event. Nathon Loney wins the Modified Feature.

  • Joey Saldana

    Joey Saldana

    1995: On this day, Joey Saldana brings home the All Star Sprint Feature win.

  • Huntley & Woodard

    Huntley & Woodard

    2001: Kevin Huntley snatches the 360 Sprint Feature win on D.A.R.E. Night, while Earnie Woodard picks up his first Stock Car victory of the season at Eldora.

  • Gus Wasson

    Gus Wasson

    1996: Gus Wasson wins the All Star Sprint Feature.

  • Kenny Jacobs

    Kenny Jacobs

    1997: Kenny Jacobs captures the All Star Sprint Feature win.

  • Joey Saldana

    Joey Saldana

    1998: Joey Saldana wins the All Star Sprint Feature.

  • Jesse Bitterling

    Jesse Bitterling

    2010: Jesse Bitterling snatches the Modified Feature win.

  • Ken Schrader

    Ken Schrader

    2011: Ken Schrader wins the Modified Feature at Family Fireworks Night.

  • Ballou & Schatz

    Ballou & Schatz

    2017: Robert Ballou and Donny Schatz each win their respected Feature on night #2 of #LetsRaceTwo.

  • Tony Stewart

    Tony Stewart

    2010: Tony Stewart brings home the win in the Modified Feature event.

  • Brady Bacon

    Brady Bacon

    2018: Brady Bacon wins the USAC Sprint Feature during night 1 of #LetsRaceTwo.

  • Jerry Bowersock

    Jerry Bowersock

    2008: Jerry Bowersock captures the Modified Feature win.

  • Jud Larson

    Jud Larson

    1965: Jud Larson wins the USAC Feature event in his #2 Sprint Car.

  • Al Woodard

    Al Woodard

    1977: Al Woodard drives his 1973 Camaro to victory lane in the 25 lap Late Model Feature.

  • Chad Boespflug

    Chad Boespflug

    2016: Chad Boespflug wins night two of #LetsRaceTwo.

  • Bryan Clauson

    Bryan Clauson

    2016: Bryan Clauson wins night one of #LetsRaceTwo.

  • Slammin Sammy & Jeff Babcock

    Slammin Sammy & Jeff Babcock

    2012: Sammy Swindell & Jeff Babcock each take home a Feature win in their respective divisions.

  • Lee Brewer, Jr.

    Lee Brewer, Jr.

    1991: Lee Brewer, Jr. takes first place in the All Star Feature event in his #1S Sprint car.

  • Brad Doty

    Brad Doty

    1981: Brad Doty pilots his #28D Sprint car to victory lane in the All Star Feature event.

  • Kenny Jacobs

    Kenny Jacobs

    1987: Kenny Jacobs grabs the All Star Sprint Feature win in his #56 Sprint car.

  • Davidson, Staples, Bowersock

    Davidson, Staples, Bowersock

    1999: Derek Davidson – USAC Feature Winner. John Staples – UMP Modified Feature Winner. Scott Bowersock – Stock Car Feature Winner.

  • Jay Drake

    Jay Drake

    2005: Jay Drake captures the USAC Sprint Car Feature win.

  • Dave Darland

    Dave Darland

    2000: Dave Darland wins the USAC Feature.

  • Hoffman, Strickler & Rahe, Jr.

    Hoffman, Strickler & Rahe, Jr.

    2018: Nick Hoffman, Kyle Strickler, and Gary Rahe, Jr. each win their Feature event at the Late Model Lidlifter.

  • Baltes’ Birthday

    Baltes’ Birthday

    1921: On this day, Eldora Speedway founder, Earl Baltes, is born.

  • Kinser & Jacobs

    Kinser & Jacobs

    1981: Steve Kinser wins the USAC Silver Crown Feature. 1997: Dean Jacobs grabs the All Star Sprint Feature win.  

  • Dave Peperak

    Dave Peperak

    1981: Dave Peperak captures his first USAC win.

  • Jack & Jac

    Jack & Jac

    1982: Jack Hewitt wins the USAC Sprint Feature. 1999: Jac Haudenschild beats Kasey Kahne to win the All Star Sprint Feature.

  • Brian Ruhlman

    Brian Ruhlman

    2016: Brian Ruhlman is the first car to cross the finish line, winning the UMP Modified Feature.

  • Greg Wilson

    Greg Wilson

    2000: Greg Wilson captures the 360 Sprint Car Feature win.

  • Track Speed Records

    Track Speed Records

    2018: A new Eldora track speed record is set in all three divisions. Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (360 Sprints) – 13.440 Brian Ruhlman (Modifieds) – 16.894 Earnie Woodard (Stocks) – 18.500

  • Bobby Clark

    Bobby Clark

    1996: Bobby Clark wins the 360 Sprint Car Feature.

  • Sammy Swindell

    Sammy Swindell

    2003: Sammy Swindell picks up his first win of the 2003 season due to Steve Kinser’s last lap pass being negated.

  • Phil Gressman

    Phil Gressman

    1998: Phil Gressman captures his second 360 Sprint Feature win in three tries at Eldora.

  • Dave Blaney

    Dave Blaney

    1993: On this day, Dave Blaney took the checkered flag at the World of Outlaws event, and went on to win again the following day.

  • Scott Orr

    Scott Orr

    2005: Scott Orr, piloting his red #88 Modified, captures the UMP Modified Feature win on this day.

  • The Wild Child

    The Wild Child

    1995: Jac Haudenschild, aboard his famous yellow Pennzoil #22, grabs the World of Outlaws victory for car owner Jack Elden.

  • Bobby Pierce

    Bobby Pierce

    2014: Bobby Pierce wins the DIRTcar Spring Nationals event worth $5,000. Matt Mevert wins the Modified portion.

  • New Track Record

    New Track Record

    2002: Craig Dollansky goes 12.707 in WoO qualifying to set a new track record. The record still stands to this day, though it has come under fire as of late. Eleven different drivers turned laps in the 12-second bracket in 2019.

  • Patterson Wins 5th

    Patterson Wins 5th

    2003: Kris Patterson goes to victory lane in the American Late Model Series main event – his fifth such triumph at Eldora. Scott Orr wins Mods and Bob Burch wins Stocks.

  • Easter Bunny

    Easter Bunny

    2009: Jerry Coons, Jr. and team celebrate in victory lane with the Easter Bunny after a USAC Sprint win.

  • Grab Bag

    Grab Bag

    Winners on this day include Tom Bigelow (USAC), Joey Saldana (WoO), Mike Brecht (Mod), Jac Haudenschild (ASCoC), and Phil Gressman (360).

Special thanks to Mike Campbell for his assistance with many of the photos used in this timeline.