On this day in Eldora History

A Visual Look At Eldora On This Day

Enjoy a look back in time as we review Eldora events that have occurred ‘on this day’ in history…and check back daily for the new post! (Tip: After clicking an image to view, use your back button to return to the timeline.)

  • Christopher Bell

    Christopher Bell

  • Greg Johnson

    Greg Johnson

  • Dale Blaney

    Dale Blaney

  • J.J. Yeley

    J.J. Yeley

  • Richards, Babcock & Sebetto

    Richards, Babcock & Sebetto

  • Darrell Lanigan

    Darrell Lanigan

  • Kings Royal To Pay $175K-To-Win

    Kings Royal To Pay $175K-To-Win

  • Brad Doty

    Brad Doty

  • Woodard, Conover, & Loney

    Woodard, Conover, & Loney

  • Joey Saldana

    Joey Saldana

  • Huntley & Woodard

    Huntley & Woodard

  • Gus Wasson

    Gus Wasson

  • Kenny Jacobs

    Kenny Jacobs

  • Joey Saldana

    Joey Saldana

  • Jesse Bitterling

    Jesse Bitterling

  • Ken Schrader

    Ken Schrader

  • Ballou & Schatz

    Ballou & Schatz

  • Tony Stewart

    Tony Stewart

  • Brady Bacon

    Brady Bacon

  • Jerry Bowersock

    Jerry Bowersock

  • Jud Larson

    Jud Larson

  • Al Woodard

    Al Woodard

  • Chad Boespflug

    Chad Boespflug

  • Bryan Clauson

    Bryan Clauson

  • Slammin Sammy & Jeff Babcock

    Slammin Sammy & Jeff Babcock

  • Lee Brewer, Jr.

    Lee Brewer, Jr.

  • Brad Doty

    Brad Doty

  • Kenny Jacobs

    Kenny Jacobs

  • Davidson, Staples, Bowersock

    Davidson, Staples, Bowersock

  • Jay Drake

    Jay Drake

  • Dave Darland

    Dave Darland

  • Hoffman, Strickler & Rahe, Jr.

    Hoffman, Strickler & Rahe, Jr.

  • Baltes’ Birthday

    Baltes’ Birthday

  • Kinser & Jacobs

    Kinser & Jacobs

  • Dave Peperak

    Dave Peperak

  • Jack & Jac

    Jack & Jac

  • Brian Ruhlman

    Brian Ruhlman

  • Greg Wilson

    Greg Wilson

  • Track Speed Records

    Track Speed Records

  • Bobby Clark

    Bobby Clark

  • Sammy Swindell

    Sammy Swindell

  • Phil Gressman

    Phil Gressman

  • Dave Blaney

    Dave Blaney

  • Scott Orr

    Scott Orr

  • The Wild Child

    The Wild Child

  • Bobby Pierce

    Bobby Pierce

  • New Track Record

    New Track Record

  • Patterson Wins 5th

    Patterson Wins 5th

  • Easter Bunny

    Easter Bunny

  • Grab Bag

    Grab Bag

Special thanks to Mike Campbell for his assistance with many of the photos used in this timeline.