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Grab a cold one and settle into your favorite chair as we look back at some of the most exciting finishes and wild last laps of the past decade. Then check out a special look-back at some memorable B-Main runs by Jac Haudenschlid and Bobby Pierce!



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Check back each day as we feature an Eldora moment that occurs ‘on this day’ in history…

  • Christopher Bell

    Christopher Bell

    2016: Christopher Bell wins the 360 Sprint Feature.

  • Greg Johnson

    Greg Johnson

    2000: Greg Johnson wins the Late Model Feature.

  • Dale Blaney

    Dale Blaney

    2007: Dale Blaney snatches the 360 Sprint Feature win. Also placing first in their respected divisions were Casey Noonan (Late Model) and Mike Dirksen (Stock Car).

  • J.J. Yeley

    J.J. Yeley

    2002: J.J. Yeley captures the USAC Sprint Feature win.

  • Richards, Babcock & Sebetto

    Richards, Babcock & Sebetto

    2008: Josh Richards wins the Late Model Feature, Jeff Babcock finishes first in the Stock Car Feature, and Bryan Sebetto takes first place in the NRA Sprint Feature.

  • Darrell Lanigan

    Darrell Lanigan

    1998: Darrell Lanigan pilots his way to a Late Model Feature win. Mike Brecht wins the Modified Feature.

  • Kings Royal To Pay $175K-To-Win

    Kings Royal To Pay $175K-To-Win

    2019: After months of speculation, Eldora officials announce the 36th annual Kings Royal will pay a blockbuster $175,000-to-win.

  • Brad Doty

    Brad Doty

    1983: Brad Doty snatches the World of Outlaws Sprint Feature win.

  • Woodard, Conover, & Loney

    Woodard, Conover, & Loney

    2016: Earnie Woodard & Jordan Conover each win their Stock Car Feature event. Nathon Loney wins the Modified Feature.

  • Joey Saldana

    Joey Saldana

    1995: On this day, Joey Saldana brings home the All Star Sprint Feature win.

  • Huntley & Woodard

    Huntley & Woodard

    2001: Kevin Huntley snatches the 360 Sprint Feature win on D.A.R.E. Night, while Earnie Woodard picks up his first Stock Car victory of the season at Eldora.

  • Gus Wasson

    Gus Wasson

    1996: Gus Wasson wins the All Star Sprint Feature.

  • Kenny Jacobs

    Kenny Jacobs

    1997: Kenny Jacobs captures the All Star Sprint Feature win.

  • Joey Saldana

    Joey Saldana

    1998: Joey Saldana wins the All Star Sprint Feature.

  • Jesse Bitterling

    Jesse Bitterling

    2010: Jesse Bitterling snatches the Modified Feature win.

  • Ken Schrader

    Ken Schrader

    2011: Ken Schrader wins the Modified Feature at Family Fireworks Night.

  • Ballou & Schatz

    Ballou & Schatz

    2017: Robert Ballou and Donny Schatz each win their respected Feature on night #2 of #LetsRaceTwo.

  • Tony Stewart

    Tony Stewart

    2010: Tony Stewart brings home the win in the Modified Feature event.

  • Brady Bacon

    Brady Bacon

    2018: Brady Bacon wins the USAC Sprint Feature during night 1 of #LetsRaceTwo.

  • Jerry Bowersock

    Jerry Bowersock

    2008: Jerry Bowersock captures the Modified Feature win.