All-Time Track Record

Eldora Speedway

The current all-time track record at Eldora stands at 12.599 seconds. David Gravel set the mark in September of 2020 after breaking an 18-year-old record previously held by Craig Dollansky. In all, the one-lap qualifying record has been set no less than 64 times throughout Eldora’s history.

While a few holes remain and are actively being researched, the evolution of the track record has been largely preserved through the confirmation of newspaper archives, racing journals, souvenior programs, and old scoring/payout sheets. Click the camera icon next to the driver name to view an accompanying box score (if available).


1/4 Mile Track Configuration (1954)
Track records from 1954 unknown
3/8 Mile Track Configuration (1955-1957)
18.96Ralph Smith5/15/1955
18.9Red Harvey10/23/1955
18.2Unknownxx/xx/1956Unknown Driver and Date
18.2Dick Pratt5/20/1956
18.00Dick Armstrong7/15/1956
17.21Harold Smith5/12/1957
16.68Dick Pratt6/21/1957
16.24Dick Pratt7/7/1957
16.21Dick Pratt8/25/1957
1/2 Mile Track Configuration (1958-present)
UnknownUnknown4/27/1958First race on current 1/2 mile
20.17Dick Good5/11/1958
20.05Chuck Engle5/18/1958
19.91Harold Smith5/29/1958
19.64Harold Smith6/1/1958
19.56Harold Smith9/21/1958
19.5Chuck Engle5/10/1959
19.46Chuck Engle6/13/1959
19.46Jim Cushman4/24/1960
19.29Dick Pratt6/25/1960
19.1Dick Pratt9/4/1960
18.77Dick Pratt9/25/1960
18.47Unknownxx/xx/1961Name of driver unknown
18.32Parnelli Jones4/22/1962USAC
18.17Jud Larson7/5/1964USAC
17.92Johnny Rutherford10/17/1965USAC
17.81Don Branson4/3/1966USAC
17.3Rick Ferkel5/13/1973Super Sprint
17.21Bob Pickens8/3/1974Super Sprint
16.870Bob Pickens8/31/1974Super Sprint
16.748Rick Ferkel4/20/1975Super Sprint
16.636Fred Linder6/28/1975Super Sprint
15.989Rick Ferkel4/16/1978WoO
15.745Rick Ferkel4/30/1978WoO
15.568Steve Kinser8/4/1978WoO / Eldora Nationals
15.477Steve Kinser7/3/1979WoO
15.477Steve Kinser9/4/1979Unsanctioned
15.250Steve Kinser5/16/1981WoO
15.189Steve Kinser8/6/1981WoO
15.177Sammy Swindell6/12/1982WoO
14.984Sammy Swindell8/4/1982Eldora Nationals
14.953Kenny Jacobs6/2/1984ASCoC
14.425Sammy Swindell7/27/1984Kings Royal
14.359Doug Wolfgang4/12/1987WoO
14.343Brad Doty8/7/1987WoO
14.118Bobby Davis Jr8/26/1988WoO
13.978Sammy Swindell6/9/1989WoO
13.967Dave Blaney7/22/1989Kings Royal
13.883Sammy Swindell4/21/1990WoO
13.862Steve Kinser7/21/1990Kings Royal
13.843Sammy Swindell4/20/1991WoO
13.547Charlie Fisher6/7/1991WoO
13.359Charlie Fisher8/13/1993WoO
13.346Steve Kinser8/14/1993HBO
13.287Joey Saldana10/7/1995ASCoC
13.202Joey Saldana4/5/1996WoO
13.159Mark Kinser6/15/1996WoO
12.980Mark Kinser4/4/1997WoO
12.978Joey Saldana4/4/1998ASCoC
12.908Andy Hillenburg4/11/1998WoO
12.884Kenny Jacobs10/4/1998ASCoC
12.790Mark Kinser6/5/1999WoO
12.707Craig Dollansky4/13/2002WoO
12.599David Gravel9/22/2020ASCoC