Press Release

New Generation World 100 Trophy

(September 15, 2021)
Some of you noticed the new generation World 100 trophy presented last weekend and have asked about the changes. As you can see in the accompanying photos there have been several tweaks to the famed globed trophy throughout the event’s history. In fact, the trophy presented for the first two years of the World 100 did not have a globe on them.


In 2018, as the quality of trophy components lessened and with the 50th World 100 on the horizon, owner Tony Stewart tasked the Eldora team with developing trophies which could only be earned, not duplicated by any other speedway or trophy shop, and not counterfeited and sold online as souvenirs. The trophy had to pay homage to the event and its history, comprise memorable elements of previous generations of the trophy, while also modernizing the overall look and feel so it can be used as the official World 100 trophy for years to come.


  • The globe returns back to the top of the trophy in the new version. The 50th received an extra bit of flair with a golden globe.
  • Like Atlas, the Titan from Greek mythology who held above him the heavens and the sky, the names of the previous Champions of the race adorn the uprights of each side of the trophy.
  • We honor Earl Baltes, the creator of the event, with a special plaque and quote at the trophy base, for the vision that are the roots of this great event.


  • The trophy now stands 60″ tall and weighs over 60 pounds.
  • It was handcrafted locally in nearby Celina, Ohio.
  • The wood on the trophy is from a poplar tree here on the property.
  • Fine clay powder from the track surface was mixed into the gold base coat.
  • Each of the World 100 trophies presented cost in excess of $6,000.