Event Notes

Dirt Track World Championship Weekend

Oct 19: Modified Qualifying/Heats/B-Mains, Full program for Super Stocks ($1,000-to-win)
Oct 20: $5,000-to-win Modified Championship, Steel Block Qualifying/Heats/B-Mains, Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Qualifying/Heats
Oct 21: $5,000-to-win Steel Block Championship, LOLMDS B-Mains plus Jim Dunn Memorial Feature and $100,000-to-win Dirt Track World Championship

Coolers: Coolers up to 14” are permitted. No glass bottles. Ohio Revised Code 4301.62 prohibits the carry in or carry out of alcoholic beverages. All coolers will be inspected for compliance to this law.

Carry-In Items – To ensure the safety of all Guests, carry-in items will be inspected prior to entrance. Bags, backpacks, coolers, purses, etc. larger than 14″ x 14″ x 14″ will not be permitted into the Speedway in accordance with the Eldora Speedway size requirement. Guests are welcome to bring their own food and drink inside the track. Alcohol and any food or beverage in a glass bottle will not be permitted.

Medical: A fully staffed First Aid Station is located near the Middle Gate (Turn 4). Hours of operation will be posted.

Golf Carts – Golf Carts are welcome in the Speedway campgrounds, but must meet Speedway safety specifications.  The Golf Cart Permit station will be near the Middle Gate (Turn 4). Hours of operation will be posted. All Golf Carts will be required to be registered and must display an Eldora Speedway 2023 Golf Cart Permit.  Golf Cart parking is outside of the Turn 4 gate.  NO Golf Carts are permitted in the main parking lot.  STATE LAW: Golf Carts are not permitted on any roadway.  ATVs, Gators, Mules, etc. are not permitted in the campgrounds.

Parking – Eldora Speedway offers several options for parking at racing events. The Main Parking Lot is located off of State Route 118. The main entrance to the track is located at the front of this lot. Parking is also available north of the Speedway, just outside of the Turn 4 Admission Gate. On larger scale events, parking is also available across North Star Ft Loramie Rd in the Northside Camp & Park lot, as well across State Route 118 in the Eldora Village lot.

Radio – Portable radios and headsets are permitted in Eldora Speedway. The public address system can be heard on FM frequency 87.9 or scanner frequency 454.5000.

Seating Update: Seat cushions are permitted. Stadium style seats may NOT exceed 18 inches in maximum width in the grandstands or bleachers. High back seats or seats with arms are prohibited. Please be courteous to those around you. A third party vendor will be on-site with seat back rentals.

Smoking Policy: Smoking in all spectator areas, buildings and lines for concessions / merchandise / tickets is prohibited per the Ohio Department of Health. Designated smoking areas will be available.

Hillside Seating: Grass hillsides will open for General Admission chair markings at noon on Wednesday. Once they are placed, they are good for the entire weekend of racing. Hillsides are to be marked with chairs and blankets only. Chairs may be held together with rope or tape but NO STAKES in the ground. Please do not take up more room than what is needed for those in your party.

Seating Chart

Below is the Eldora Speedway seating chart, along with information regarding reserved seating for special events

Seating Map



  • Row 1 is the top row. Sections H, I, J, K & BB contain 24 rows – all others contain 28 rows – these are the rows closest to the track.
  • Patio seats are three rows of seats with seat backs in bleacher units that set above the grandstand (except Sections B & D where personal standard-size lawn chairs are needed).
  • The roofline of the covered grandstand extends to Row 11.
  • Roof support poles are located in legroom between Rows 10 & 11 in the vicinity of: Sections A through J, Seats 6 – 7 & 15 – 16; Section K, Seats 1 – 2 & 10; Section AA, Seats 6 – 7, 14 – 15 & 25 – 26; & Section BB, Seats 6 – 7 & 14 – 15.
  • Wheelchair Accessible seats are located in Patio seat area of Sections B & D.
  • Stadium seats used in this area may not exceed 18” in width or 16” in depth.
  • Close Panel


  • Row 1 is the bottom row & closest to track. Row 15 is the top row.
  • Section NF is non-alcoholic.
  • Stadium seats used in this area may not exceed 18” in width or 16” in depth.
  • Close Panel


  • Row 1 is the top row. Row 5 is the bottom row and closest to track.
  • North Terrace area (Sections NTA, NTB, NTC & NTD) will now be sold by the individual seat for 2012 (no longer sold as Boxes of 4). Personal standard-size lawn chairs required in all seats (except in Section NTA Row 1). No captain’s, director’s, elevated, high-back chairs or stools.
  • Section NTA, Row 1 (also known as North Terrace Wall – NTW) is one row of concrete wall-based seats/standing room spots with a fence back & walkway in front. No lawn chairs permitted.
  • Wheelchair Accessible seats are located in Section NTA, Row 2, Seats 113 through 139.
  • Close Panel


  • Row 1 is the bottom row. Row 16 is the top row in Sections SA – SC & SG – SR. Row 22 is the top row in Secs SD – SF.
  • Section SA is Non-Alcoholic.
  • Stadium seats used in this area may not exceed 18” in width or 16” in depth.
  • Close Panel


  • Row 1 is the top row. Row 3 is the bottom row and closest to track. Rows are separated by Grass Hillside areas.
  • Personal standard-size lawn chairs required. No captain’s, director’s, elevated, high-back chairs or stools.
  • Wheelchair Accessible seats are located in Section ST, Row 1, Seats 1 through 56.
  • Close Panel


  • GENERAL ADMISSION GRASS HILLSIDES Grass Hillsides are General Admission/Festival seating. These areas may only be marked with personal standard-size lawn chairs intended for use and may only be held/tied together by rope or tape. The use of blankets, plastic, rocks, ropes, spray paint, stakes, trash cans, etc., to mark spaces is prohibited. No digging or shovels. These areas may not be marked until the time designated for the event – anything placed prior will be removed.
  • Close Panel

Ticket Prices

Tickets for Dirt Track World Championships

New to Eldora for the DTWC is the utilization of ticket packages as a purchasing option. Patrons will have the ability to purchase tickets in any of the following ways:

  • 3-Day reserved seat package (same seat all three nights)
  • 3-Day general admission package (GA ticket – no reserved seat)
  • 2-Day (Fri/Sat) reserved seat package (same seat both nights)
  • 2-Day (Fri/Sat) general admission package (GA ticket – no reserved seat)
  • Saturday only ticket
  • Friday only ticket
  • Thursday only ticket


  • 3-Day pit pass
  • 2-Day (Fri/Sat) pit pass
  • Saturday only pit pass
  • Friday only pit pass
  • Thursday only pit pass
  • Pit Pass Upgrades are also available on day of show (add a pit pass to your already purchased Reserved/GA ticket)
    • 3-Day upgrade price is $10
    • 2-Day upgrade price is $15
    • Saturday upgrade price is $15


  • Camping will be available in Lots 1-5, Eldora Village, Main Lot and South End. Northside Camp & Park will be utilized for hauler staging and not open for camping at the DTWC.

The DTWC staff has provided us a list of advance ticket purchasers from last year’s DTWC. Those patrons will have an opportunity to participate in a DTWC pre-sale starting Monday, February 20 at 10:00 AM and lasting until Wednesday, February 22 at 5:00 PM.

Pre-sale codes will be sent to each DTWC patron on record at 9:00 AM on Monday, February 20. The codes will be sent via email as well as by text message to each phone number on record.

Public sale for the DTWC will begin on Friday, February 24 at 10:00 AM.

October 19, 2023
Ages 14 & up
$15 | 3-Day Pkg. $70
$20 | 3-Day Pkg. $75
Ages 13 & under
$10 | 3-Day Pkg. $20
Pit Pass: $30 (3-day $80)
October 20, 2023
Ages 14 & up
$25 | 2-Day Pkg. $60
$30 | 2-Day Pkg. $65
Ages 13 & under
$10 | 2-Day Pkg. $15
Pit Pass: $35 (2-day $75)
October 21, 2023
Ages 14 & up
Ages 13 & under
Pit Pass: $60


Time Schedule


  • Thu - Oct 19th
  • TBA
  • Fri - Oct 20th
  • TBA
  • Sat - Oct 21st
  • TBA

Camping Info

Camping At Eldora

Eldora offers plenty of camping space for race fans wishing to spend the weekend at the Speedway. Camping lot availability and pricing varies by event.

Buy Camping Online


In order to use Golf Carts on Eldora property, a Golf Cart application must be filled and filed with the Speedway. Proof of insurance is also required. See Golf Cart App button to download form.

Restroom access available.

All lots at Eldora are dry camping (water and electric hookups not available). However, Portakleen is on the grounds to pump and fill tanks (fee) during reserved camping weekends. Showers are available during the major event weekends.

Please be aware of local restrictions on the transport of firewood, due to the Emerald Ash Borer.


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Live Timing

Live Feeds for Scoring and Timing

Eldora Speedway displays a live feed from Timing and Scoring during most race events. The feed displays driver info, lap times, running order and more – in real time. There are several options for accessing this feed. Please choose the option best matches your current setup:


On a Computer

Primary Timing & Scoring Display

Free Service

This free flash-based display updates in real-time as each car crosses the scoring loop. This feed works for most computers, but not phones or tablets. If you have difficulties viewing this feed, download the latest version of Adobe Flash or use the alternate timing & scoring display to the right.

On a Computer/Smartphone/Tablet

Alternate Timing & Scoring Page

Free Service

This free non-flash display updates automatically every 30 seconds. This feed is generally compatible with most computers, phones and tablets.